Be a FirstRider relay

Be a FirstRider relay, is to have a multidisciplinary team that will support the entire work process.. From account creation, activation, help and clarification of doubts that arise during work, even with fiscal issues related to finances., our team will be there to help.

We have partnerships with home delivery companies Uber Eats and Bolt Food.

Com a Uber Eats, we are present throughout the national territory, including the islands of Azores and Madeira.

Na Bolt Food, the service is available, for a while, in the district of Lisbon and Setúbal.

To find out which areas FirstRider is operating in, you can consult the maps with the respective signs. In doubt, and due to the constant expansion of zones across the territory, fill in the contact form with the desired area to evaluate, or even suggest closer zones.

What are the necessary requirements

  • Citizen Card, Residence, or of European Citizen
  • Criminal record (no background and role-specific)
  • open activity in finance (with or without VAT)
  • Own car

At FirstRider we work with a variable commission system, onde poderás ganhar as melhores comissões do mercado.

In the case of those who have an open activity in finance with VAT, issues the green receipt also with VAT from 23%, and the company pays the income for the week with the addition of 23%, in this case, it is the responsibility of the person to pay after the finances. Also in this case, we can help with the handling of this entire tax process..

Who works in the VAT exemption regime, the process is extremely simple, given that the amount you receive, not having VAT, you don't have any VAT return either., not even paying the finances.

Payments are processed every Monday., and is done by bank transfer, after issuing and sending the green receipt.

To start the application process, or to clarify any doubts, you will have to fill our contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible..

See you soon!

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